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What the training includes

Extreme Test training at the Claudio Spanu Off Road Academy is a comprehensive combination of techniques and skills designed to improve performance on the track. During the sessions, riders learn:

Tackling obstacles with precision

Accuracy is critical for successfully overcoming complex obstacles such as logs, stones, and steps. This skill directly affects the ability to complete the test without error

Speed and acceleration management

Understanding when and how to accelerate is essential for improving times and effectively managing the more technical parts of the course. Controlled speed is a key element to excelling in the Extreme Test

Conservation of motion during the test

Keeping the bike in good condition during testing is vital to prevent damage that could affect the rest of the race. The ability to preserve the bike contributes to durability and consistency of performance

Claudio Spanu

My advice

Have you ever faced the Extreme Test, that short but treacherous special test that often decides the final outcome of a race? With obstacles such as logs, boulders, technical climbs and slippery descents, it requires almost trialist riding. In this test, speed is important, but precision in dealing with obstacles is critical. We will work together to improve your technique and your ability to choose when to accelerate, while making sure to protect your bike from damage that could affect the rest of the race

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