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Levels and difficulty

A level for every age

Through a safe and challenging learning environment, we aim to develop riding skills, safety awareness and a lasting passion for the world of mini enduro.

1st Level - Single gear and first gears

Ideal for beginners, especially children from 6 to 10 years old, who are taking their first steps in the world of mini-enduro and minicross.

Percentage of difficulty

2nd Level - Advanced

For children ages 10 to 13 with a base of experience in mini-enduro or minicross who want to further develop their skills.

Percentage of difficulty

3rd Level - Agonists

For young riders ages 13 and up who aspire to compete or already have experience in mini-enduro and minicross racing.

Percentage of difficulty

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Course topics

What they will be taught

With a structured and progressive teaching approach, our course offers a balanced mix of theory and practice, adapting to different ages and experience levels.

In the first level of our course, dedicated to young beginners, we will focus on the basics of riding single-speed and first gear motorcycles. Within our school camp, young learners will be introduced to the fundamentals of off-road riding. They will learn proper positioning on the bike, how the basic controls work, and the basics of the dynamic forces at work. Our priority is to build a solid foundation of skill and safety. Upon completion of this phase, and based on the individual skills acquired, we will guide students on tailored off-road routes designed to consolidate the skills learned in a safe and fun environment.

The second level of our course is designed for young riders who already have a base of experience in mini-enduro or minicross. In this phase, we will explore more sophisticated riding techniques, such as managing braking on different terrain and navigating through more complex trails. Students will learn to handle variations in terrain and more challenging conditions, developing greater confidence and autonomy in riding. The course will include practical sessions on the track and on varying terrain, where young riders can practice more advanced maneuvers and hone their skills under the careful supervision of our instructors.

For more ambitious and advanced drivers, the third level is dedicated to those who aspire to compete or already have racing experience. This course focuses on advanced driving techniques and racing strategies, preparing young drivers to meet the challenges of competition. In addition to technical driving, the course will cover aspects such as physical and mental preparation, athletic analysis, and training customization. Sessions will include race simulations, tactical feedback, and insights into race strategies to help trainees maximize their performance and become competent competitive drivers.

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Things to know

The duration of the course can vary from a minimum of 5 hours to a maximum of 8 hours, depending on the specific needs and training objectives identified.

Essentials for every rider: a sturdy helmet, protective mask, bib, knee pads, boots, gloves, jersey and pants. We also recommend a spare jersey and a k-way to cover up during breaks.

Currently, we do not offer bike and equipment rental service at our academy. However, we are pleased to announce that we are working closely with Acerbis, a well-known brand in the enduro industry, to make this service available in the future

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